Rent apartment District 7 Urban Hill. A next peak living space of the elite in Phu My Hung area. Urban Hill fully converges the criteria of modern luxury living space and ideal living environment. Urban Hill green urban area with interesting living space and experience. This is a great project because of its trendy, classy and perfect architecture.

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill


Located at Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Phu My Hung Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City


Investor: Phu My Hung Development Company Limited

-Design unit: Korn Co., Ltd (Germany)

– Main contractor: Sino Pacific Construction Construction Co., Ltd.

-Total number of apartments:  164 apartments

– Complex: includes 2 Blocks: Building A and Building B

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill

Apartment information:

– 102 apartments 2 bedrooms (69.61 ~ 74.13 Sqm). Rent from 900 USD-1200 USD per month

– 62 3-bedroom apartment (99.88 ~ 103.09 Sqm). Rent From 1500 USD – 2500 USD per month

Lobby in Urban Hill

General utilities:

Urban Hill is equipped with a series of the most luxurious and modern amenities and services in the area. Utilities at Urban Hill is a collection of the most luxurious and luxurious facilities far beyond other areas in the Phu My Hung area. Bringing a living space to enjoy as if you were in a 5-star international-class resort

Local amenities:

The perfect utility system is considered as one of the areas with the most luxurious facilities in the area for the rich. This place is compared with other famous projects in the world

Ground floor area


The ground floor is rented and invested by the largest supermarket system in Vietnam. That is Saigon Co.opMart. The Supermarket has all kinds of essential items. There are also food outlets in the supermarket with a variety of ready-to-eat foods. This place not only serves residents in Urban Hill but also serves the needs of neighboring apartment buildings. The supermarket is located here as a great pleasure for all residents living in the area because of the distance to the conveniences within reach.

Supermarket in Urban Hill

Lobby Block A and B:

Before entering the elevator, residents are welcomed at the lobby. The lobby is beautifully designed modern, delicate care to welcome residents to and from Urban Hill very impressive. The lobby is designed with warm, spacious, light yellow tones. Residents will feel comfortable venting all their worries outside before going home. Or residents, or visitors can wait to rest on comfortable armchairs while waiting for their loved ones to come down to pick them up. This is considered one of the most beautiful halls like a luxury 5-star resort

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill

Walking area: There is also a private walkway on the ground floor for residents at Urban Hill. This is considered a great thing for those who like to exercise

3rd floor utilities:

The Pool:

You wish to be immersed in the blue water at an infinity pool, unlimited, covered with a natural green… Come to Urban Hill to help you realize that dream. And especially when you are also looking for a luxury apartment for your family.

* Swimming pool for adults:

With the living standard of today’s life increasing very fast. The apartment is no longer simply a place to live, but it has a luxurious image of the occupants. The accompanying first-class facilities are always a prominent attraction, creating a distinct advantage compared to other places.

The swimming pool area in Urban Hill is large, the responsiveness of the pool here far exceeds expectations. The natural, airy setting shows the luxury of the swimming pool space here. Trees in the area around the pool are designed to prevent wind, dust, and noise, while creating relaxation and comfort for users.

Swimming Pool

* Children’s swimming pool:

Young children are inherently unable to protect themselves. Therefore, the swimming pool is built for children with absolute safety. The swimming pool is for children from preschool to elementary school

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill

* Jacuzzi Pool:

Surely many people wonder what is Jacuzzi Pool? And what’s the difference with regular pools?

Jacuzzi is a type of hot tub-pool, using hydrotherapy with a powerful jet system, with a relaxing massage effect. Jacuzzi is a device that often appears in spas, or in VIP rooms of 4-5 star hotels or luxury resorts, international standards.

Speaking of which, you can also see where the level of Urban Hill is. Jacuzz swimming pool is designed and operated by the investor for residents to live in a perfect space

Jacuzzi Pool in Urban Hill

Pool water treatment system:

Not only beautiful in appearance, but the swimming pool here ensures the technical factors. Applying the most modern technology in filtration, water treatment and swimming pool temperature control. The swimming pool water treatment system meets international standards to help ensure the cleanliness of the water. The ability to kill bacteria without harming the health of the residence

Children’s playroom:

This room is dedicated to our angels with all its beautiful and delicate colors. Children’s playroom at Urban Hill is ideal for children to have time to play in their own space, thereby developing their imagination and creativity.

Playground for kid in Urban Hill

 Gym Room

Equipped with modern training equipment worth millions of dollars. Modern, airy, luxurious gym space, 5-star state-of-the-art equipment system for practice

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill

 Multi-function room:

Multi-function room is a room that integrates utilities of many types of function rooms in one. This place can be used as a community room, can be used as a classroom, can be a meeting room for residents here, or other functions with a large number of people.

Meeting room

Nearby amenities

-Residents living at  Urban Hill Phu My Hung  only take a few minutes to access nearby amenities such as commercial center, entertainment, office system, multinational restaurant system, international hospital system and international school system…

– Near the high-class villas of the busy Canh Doi area such as My Kim, Phu Gia, Nam Thien, Hung Thai,…

– Phap Viet Hospital, Tam Duc Hospital, CarePlus International Clinic,…

– Opposite Wonderland Park, high-class sports and entertainment area (sand pool, tennis court, golf…).

-From Urban Hill, you can walk to Crescent Lake, Starlight Bridge, Crescent Mall, SC Vivo City.

Rent apartment District 7 Urban Hill – Photorealistic

Apartment for rent District 7 Urban Hill

For rent
District 7

Rent Urban Hill in Phu My Hung District 7.

$ 1,600/ month

Price: $ 1,600/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 110 sqm