when coming to Saigon which places should recommend?

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when coming to Saigon which places should recommend. Sai Gon- Ho Chi Minh city is the largest of Vietnam’s cities. Tourists will see the hustle and bustle of Vietnamese life everywhere. And there is something invigorating about it all. There are street markets, where bargains are struck and deals done. The pavement cafe where stereo speakers fill the surrounding streets with a melodious thumping beat. And the sleek new cafes and pubs, where tourists chat over beer, peanuts, coffee and croissants. A young office worker manoeuvres her Honda Dream through rush-hour traffic, long hair flowing, high heels working the brake peda. Everything sounds fabulous, so in this statement, Best House will show you all the things in Sai Gon where is the first place you have to visit when you come to Viet Nam

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

About Ho Chi Minh


  • Saigon was captured by the French in 1859, becoming the capital of the French colony of Cochinchina a few years later. In 1950, the author Norman Lewis described Saigon as followa: “Its innspiration has been purely commercial and it is therefore without folly, fervour or much ostentation a pleasant, colourless and characterless French provincial city”. The city served as the capital of the Republic of Vietnam from 1956 until 1975. When it fell to advancing North Vietnamese forces.
  • Cholon rose to prominence after Chinese merchants began settling there in 1778. And despite the mass migrations after 1975, it still cóntituté the largest ethnic-Chinese community in Vietnam.

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

City Post Office – The oldest place in Saigon:


  • Ho Chi Minh’s French-style main post office open 6am-10pm daily with its glass canopy and iron frame. Is right next to Nortre Dame Catheral. Built between 1886 and 1891. It is the largest post office in Vietnam, and worth visiting just for its architecture.
  • Customers conduct their post and telecommunications business here under the bonevolent gaze of Ho Chi Minh. To your right as you enter the building is the poste restante counter. Pens, envelopes, aerograms, postcards and stamp collections are sold at the counter to the right of the entrance. And outside the post office along Nguyen Du street.
  • Countless other post-office branches are scattered around town. Like the main post office, many of these also keep late hours

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

Saigon Name:

  • Ho Chi Minh city is devided into 16 urban districts and 5 rural district. District 1 is known as Saigon


Housed in a grey, neoclassical structure built in 1886. And once known as Gia Long Palace is a singularly beautiful and amazing building.

The museum displays artefacts from the various periods of the communist struggle for the power in Vietnam. The photographs of anticolonial activists executed by the French appear out of place in the gilded, 19th-century ballrooms. But then again the contrast gives a sense of the immense power and complacency of the colonial French. There are photos of Vietnamese peace demontrators in Sai Gon demanding that US troop get out.

History Museum

The stunning Sino-French style building, which houses the History Museum was built in 1929 by the Societe Etudes Indochinoises. It’s worth a visit just to view the architecture. The museum has an exellent collection of artefacts illustrating the evolution of the cultures of Vietnam. From the Bronze-age Dong Son civilazation and the Oc-Eo civilazation, to the Cham, Khmers and Vietnamese. There are many valuable relics taken from Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

Fine Art Museum

In this classic yellow and white building with modest Chinese influences, houses one of the more interesting collections in Vietnam.

Ton Duc Thang Museum

This small, seldom-visited museum is dedicated to Ton Duc Thang. Ho Chi Minh’s successor as pressident of Viet Nam, who was born in Long Xuyen, An Giang province, in 1988. He died in office in 1980. Photo and displays illustrate his role in the Vietnamese Revolution, including a couple of very lifelike exhibits representing the time he spenr imprisoned on Con Dao Island . The museum is on the waterfront, half a block north of the Tran Hung Dao statue.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

This museum is in the old customs house in District 4, just across Ben Nghe Chanel from the quayside end of Ham Nghi. Nicknamed the “Dragon House”, it was built in 1863. The museum houses many of Uncle Ho’s personal effects, including some of his clothing, sandals, his beloved US-made Zenith radio and other memorabilia. The explanatory signs in the museum are in Vietnamese,  but if you know something about Uncle Ho.

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

The Expat Quarter Of Saigon

  • The closest thing in Vietnam has to an official tourist office is the information counter in the international arrivals tẻminal at HCM’s Tan Son Nhat Airport. It’s run by the Southern Airports Services Company. Just beyond the baggage carousels, Sasco’s Visitor Information and Services counter offers free city maps’ tourist literature and an airport timetable, and can also help with transportation, accommodation and tour bookings (handy if you just haven’t got the time to shop around in town, but by no means the last word in local tour companies).
  • Pham Ngu Lao Street, De Tham Street, Bui Vien Street form the heart of the budget-traveller haven. These streets and the adjoining alleys, collectively known as “Pham Ngu Lao”, contain a treasure-trove of the cheap accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafes, and travel agents, most catering to the budget end of the market.
  • At last count there were well over a hundred places to stay in the area, so finding a room is never a problem here. Finding the right one is another story. A few places here have dorm, and there are countless cheap “minihotels” offer amenities such as fridges, baths, internet, telephone,…

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend


  • Just outside the airport exit, there is an exchange counter run by Vietcombank, which gives the official exchange rate. Opening hours are irregular, so carry sufficient US notes in small denominations to get yourself into the city, in case the bank is closed. Vietcombank is open 7am-11:30am and 1:30pm-4:00pm from Monday-Friday, 7am-11:30am on Saturday, closed last day of the month. The eastern building is for foreign exchange only but it is also worth a visit just to see the stunningly ornate interior. The bank will accept a wide range of foreign currencies. Travellers cheques in US dollars can be changed into cash for about 1.5% or 2% commission; 3% is the going rate for cash advances with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Bank with 24-hour ATMs include ANZ Bank,  Hongkong Bank (HSBC), Vietcombank and Sacombank. You can only make doing withdrawals.Visa or Mastercard cash advances for larger amounts of dong, as well as US dollars, can be handles at the bank counters during banking hours. All of these banks can also exchange travellers cheques.

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

Email & Internet Access:

when coming to Saigon which place to connect with the world, Please rest assured about that and follow our article:

  • Internet access is widely available in HCMC. The largest concentration of Internet cafe is in the Pham Ngu Lao area, with around 30 places along Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, Bui Vien Street; just stroll around and take your pick.
    • Travel agencies:
  • HCMC’s official government-run travel agency is Sai Gon Tourist. It owns, or is a joint-venture partner in, more than 70 hotels and numerous restaurants around town, plus a car-rental agency, golf clubs and tourist trap like Binh Quoi Tourist Village.
  • There are plenty of other travel agencies in town, virtually all of them joint ventures between goverment agencies and private companies. These places can provide cars,book air tickets and extend your visa. Competition between the private agencies is keen, and you can often undercut Sai Gon tourist’s tarriffs by 50% iff you shop around. Many agencies have multilingual guides that speak English, French, Japanese, etc.
  • We recommend visiting several tour operators to see what’s being offered to suit your taste and budget. There are plenty of cheap tours sold, especially in the Pham Ngu Lao backpackers area. One good way to find out the lastest is to speak with other travellers who have just arrived back from a tour. Another appealing option to consider is arranging a customized private tour with your own car, driver and guide. Travelling this way provides maximum flexibility, and split between a few people can be surprisingly affordable.

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend


Book Store

– Nguyen Van Binh Book Street is located in District 1. The center of Ho Chi Minh City. Extending 100m from Hai Ba Trung Street to Notre Dame Cathedral. This is an interesting new place in Saigon, attracting many people to learn about books as well as to visit and hang out on weekends.

Book street and Book fairs

In addition to the full gathering of large book units across the country, Nguyen Van Binh book street also has a book coffee area (next to the City Post Office), an area selling newspapers, magazines, stationery, a yard area. play area, old book exchange area, thematic exhibition and display area of books, newspapers or pictures. Create an “authentic” book space that helps to contribute to the development of reading culture in people’s lives as well as is a place where books, book makers and readers are linked.

This is definitely a paradise for book lovers because there are more than 20 book stalls arranged closely. With unique design decoration and displaying and selling a wide variety of books in many different fields and genres. Therefore, you can freely choose and find the right books for yourself. With this unique space, this place is also chosen by many authors as a place to introduce new works with activities to interact with readers.

In addition, the book street also brings a very new and unique space for Saigon people to take a relaxing walk and take pictures of themselves. Near the book street, there are also small and beautiful cafes, so you can also enjoy a peaceful weekend in quiet coffee corners, sipping delicious coffee and enjoying the pages of good books that are still fragrant. paper smell.

Besides that, it also has many famous bookstores in Sai Gon where tourists can visit like Fahasa Bookshop, Nguyen Van Cu Bookstores.

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

Medical services

  • There are several doctors in HCMC providing excellent medical and surgical services.
  • FV Hospital has been selected by the French Consulate in HCM City and one of the Vietnam’s leading, international accredited healthcare facilities: a complete, one-stop modern hospital of the highest international standard.
  • Pasteur Institude has good facilities for medical tests.
  • Cho Ray Hospital with more than 1000 beds, is one of the largest medical facilities in Vietnam. There is a section for foreigners on the 10th floor. About a third of the 200 doctors speak English and there are 24-hour emergency facilities.

Place to stay:


when coming to Saigon which places to living? let see the answer With the increadible deals you get for under $25 it is not really worth upgrading. But if tourists prefer a larger, business hotel, there are few places to consider in the area: Liberty 4 Hotel, Viet Dong Hotel, Metropole Hotel, Windsor Sai Gon Hotel, Continential Hotel, Rex Hotel, Caravelle Hotel, Majestic Hotel, Grand Hotel, New World Hotel, Renaissance Riverside Hotel,…

when coming to Saigon which places should recommend

Service apartment

There are many service apartments in District 1, Binh Thanh, District 3. But especially in the area of District 7, the bustling Phu My Hung area is a great place for foreigners to choose a class period. Attracting many first-time tourists to Vietnam to visit. Because here the rent is extremely low and attractive

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