AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa (Nha Be)

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AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa – A unique project located in Nha Be, has quickly become a class symbol in the real estate world in Ho Chi Minh City. With exquisite architecture, diverse amenities and convenient location, AMELIE Phu My Hung promises to bring a luxurious and comfortable life to residents. Join us in discovering details about AMELIE Phu My Hung villa in this article.

Overview of Phu My Hung area

Phu My Hung area is an important part of the prosperous and modern urban image of Ho Chi Minh City. Located in Nha Be district, south of the city center, Phu My Hung has undergone a rapid development and become a highlight on the real estate map as well as a classy lifestyle.

This area is famous for its green space and proximity to the Saigon River, creating a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Phu My Hung is not only a place to enjoy life by the river, but also the center of many convenient amenities, schools, hospitals, and large commercial centers that help residents have everything they need at their fingertips.

Unique design

The design of AMELIE Phu My Hung villa is truly a unique work of art, combining a neoclassical style with modern architecture, creating a delicate and impressive picture in the eyes of the viewer.

Neoclassical style: Appears in the use of traditional details such as large windows and tiled walls. The large windows not only create an open and airy space, but also allow natural light in. Flower tile walls are used to create artistic highlights, bringing a unique impression and style to each villa.

The use of natural materials such as wood and stone: In architecture is also a highlight of the design. Natural wood brings warmth and creates a cozy space in each villa. Marble is used delicately to create luxury and sustainability. When these natural materials combine with other elements, they create a harmony in design, while honoring the beauty of nature.

On the outside, this AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa is quite small and simple, but the space inside has an extremely beautiful view. Not too lavish or sophisticated, the interior is quite cozy and charming, instead of looking regal and aloof like other villas.

The villa is modern and luxurious, with plenty of space and amenities in every room. There are lots of green spaces in the house and large windows allow natural light into every room.

Utilities that enhance life

AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa not only attracts with its unique design but also enhances the lives of residents through a variety of internal amenities, creating a classy and comfortable living environment.

AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa is surrounded by a large, green garden system all year round. If you own this villa, you will live in an old fairy tale with this space full of purity and charm. Built meticulously down to every detail, arranged with many entertainment spaces and balconies everywhere overlooking the surrounding nature.

Coming here, you will feel the fresh air and extremely spacious and airy space, your worries and fatigue will seem to disappear.

The open space and surrounding glass doors make the rooms always filled with light. The interior is simple but the harmonious layout makes you feel that this is an extremely poetic and peaceful place. There is also a sauna, karaoke, and outdoor BBQ grill.

Parks and play areas for children

AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa, residents have the opportunity to relax and enjoy green space with large green parks and gardens. This is the ideal place to organize family picnics and relax after a stressful day of work. In particular, the children’s play area is designed to be safe and interesting, helping children develop comprehensively in a safe environment.

Private swimming pool

The large and luxurious swimming pool at AMELIE Phu My Hung villa is not only a great place to relax but also an opportunity for residents to improve their health and enjoy outdoor life. This space is designed to reflect the luxury and comfort of classy living.

24/7 security system and professional management service

AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa is committed to ensuring the safety of residents through a 24/7 security system, including surveillance cameras, professional security guards, and security gates. This gives residents peace of mind and peace of mind about the safety of their families and properties. At the same time, professional management services ensure that all daily issues related to residence and campus maintenance will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Connection and surrounding amenities

Connection and amenities around AMELIE Phu My Hung villa are outstanding highlights, creating a classy and comfortable life not only within the area but also in the entire surrounding area. This project boasts optimal connectivity with the modern transportation network along with diverse amenities and attractive destinations, creating an ideal living environment for residents.

Developed transportation network: AMELIE Phu My Hung villa area pays attention to its developed transportation network. This includes major roads such as Nguyen Van Linh Avenue and Nguyen Huu Tho Avenue, helping residents easily connect with the city center and surrounding areas. Convenient transportation system including bus routes and subway lines, making traveling convenient and quick.

Diverse surrounding amenities: AMELIE Phu My Hung is also located near important surrounding amenities, including:

Shopping centers: Residents can enjoy shopping and entertainment at large shopping centers such as Crescent Mall, Vivo City, and Lotte Mart.

Schools: This area has many prestigious schools from kindergarten to high school, ensuring children’s education.

Hospitals: French-Vietnamese Hospital, FV Hospital, and many other medical facilities are within reach, ensuring the best health and medical care for residents.

Recreation: Natural and indoor recreation options are nearby, from lush parks to recreational facilities like movie theaters and golf courses.

AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa (Nha Be)


AMELIE Phu My Hung Villa is a symbol of the perfect combination of classy architecture, modern amenities and prime location. For those who are looking for a luxurious and classy living space in a peaceful environment, this is definitely a great choice.

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