Nam Vien Villas for rent in District 7. Right from the very beginning of the Phu My Hung urban master plan, Skidmore Owings & Merrill (USA) has planned that Nam Vien Area has many ecological spaces as a green peninsula right in the heart of a modern urban area, to live in. People can fully enjoy the natural and green living environment.

Nam Vien Villas for rent in District 7

In the midst of the green living space of the city with a complete master plan, beautiful villas with sophisticated and noble semi-classical architectural style appear to adorn the natural green background, the beauty of modern life. In that place, people can return to themselves with all the precious values of life, enjoy the resort style like at a high-class resort, but still right in the center of modern urban.


Nam Vien Located right at “Green Center” Nam Vien Residential Area (Southside District), next to a 2 hectare park with ornamental lake, water house, stone bench… Nam Vien villas have semi-classical architectural style in harmony with the total area. surroundings, providing a healthy, fresh living environment and forming a cultural community.

At Nam Vien Villa, the owner has just enjoyed the ecological living space, in the middle of the open nature like a high-class resort, but still has all the modern facilities and services because Nam Vien Villa has Location right in the center of Phu My Hung urban area


Nam Vien area is surrounded by tributaries of rivers and canals. Is one of the sub-zones with the largest density of green parks in the city. The whole area has 14 large and small parks with a total area of ​​nearly 1 hectare.

Living near the park, the water surface, the fresh air gives the spirit of refreshment and relaxation. The villas near the park are chosen by the tenants as a place to live.

Possessing a location with abundant green space and favorable terrain, Nam Vien is known as a green peninsula, so this sub-area is planned with the style of a high-class resort resort.

Nam Vien Villas for rent in District 7

Types of houses in Nam Vien

Most of the houses in the Nam Vien area are either garden townhouses or single-family homes, interspersed with large green spaces.

The area close to the river is often prioritized for parks or educational development. Adjacent are low-rise villas and central park. The core of the area – along both sides of Nguyen Luong Bang Street – is where the development of mid-rise commercial apartment projects. With this design, all projects have at least one side facing the wind direction and overlooking the surrounding river.

Nam Vien Villas for rent in District 7


Nam Vien area has two main traffic axes located in parallel in the direction from Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard to Nha Be district, Nguyen Luong Bang and Tan Phu. In particular, Nguyen Luong Bang is planned to become the busiest commercial route in the region. Along the two sides of this road have formed a number of office buildings, multi-functional commercial, service and apartment areas, providing hundreds of retail and office spaces for rent. Many stores went into operation, meeting the diverse shopping needs of residents in the area.

Near by Sakura-Park Midtown

The Phu My Hung Midtown complex has been put into operation, bringing the Nam Vien Villa area to the Cherry Blossom Park with millions of dollars, hundreds of service shops and high-class cuisine, contributing to the bustling and vibrant look. of the shopping space at street 16

Highlights of Nam Vien Villas

Another highlight of Nam Vien is prioritizing an area with a beautiful location – close to the river – for educational development. Accordingly, the entire eastern and southern sides of the subdivision are planned for 10 school projects and vocational training centers. In which, there are schools such as Japan, Taipei, Korea, International Canada, Le Van Tam… According to a representative of Phu My Hung, Nam Vien area accounts for 45% of the schools in the whole urban area. .

This also means that residents in Nam Vien area have many educational options for their children close to home. Instead of having to travel far to school, children can walk to school with their parents, siblings or friends as an activity that helps practice good skills. In addition, schools can also take advantage of the large space of the Nam Vien area to organize extracurricular courses, bringing interesting and intuitive experiences for students.


About Design:

Smartly designed with rooms maximizednatural light combined with artificial light soft soft colors bringing comfort and peace to family members

The living room and kitchen are designed on the entire ground floor, making this area spacious for all members of the family to gather.

Nam Vien Villas for rent in District 7


Nam Vien is the area for green space, water surface and educational facilities, so this miniature environment itself has all the elements suitable for high-class living spaces. Surrounded by the river, the highest density of trees in the city. Located close to the riverbank with surrounding green space, it brings the spaciousness, peace and tranquility needed for a luxury resort.

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