Rent apartment District 7 Green View. Along with the development of urbanization process is also happening rapidly with many projects. Green space infrastructure more and more people are interested. Green View is one of the places with the most green areas to meet the needs of residents who come here to live, work and study

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View


Located on the frontage of Nguyen Luong Bang main street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

– The investor is Phu My Hung Development Co., Ltd.

– Number of floors built: 15 floors.



– Consists of 3 blocks: A, B and C. There are a total of 153 apartments. Area from 102m2 ~ 233m2


There are 14 shophouses facing Nguyen Luong Bang street. Area from 260m2 ~ 318m2 (including 2 floors)

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

 Internal utilities of Green View

This is a prominent feature when tenants choose Apartment for rent district 7 Green View.

Ground floor:

– The ground floor garden is planted with many kinds of green trees to create a fresh space. Being taken care of by gardeners every day creates a fresh and tidy space.

Large swimming pool for both adults and children. There are benches and and tables. Surrounded by a green fence, residents feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pool water is changed regularly every year and is regularly controlled for pollutants so residents can enjoy the facilities with peace of mind.

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

Floor 3:

– Sky garden on the 3rd floor, more than 2000 m wide. There is a cool BBQ area. Children’s play area, fully air-conditioned classrooms and community rooms. This area is large enough to meet the living space for people

– Gym for residents to use with modern equipment used to improve health after tiring working hours.

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View


The basement has a parking space for cars and motorbikes, creating convenient conditions for residents living here. As life becomes more and more developed, the demand for car use is very high. And this place will be one of the best choice

All utilities are completely free to use for residents living here


There are many convenient stores at the shophouse on the ground floor such as restaurants, eateries, cafes, supermarkets, Vietnamese classes for foreigners.

Outside facilities:

Nam Vien area is a green resort resort with the highest percentage of trees in Phu My Hung area – Green View is an ideal place to live, relax and relax like a peaceful and quiet countryside.

Green View is not obstructed by other buildings, Green View has a total of 4 views including: Ca Cam River, View of PMH’s tree nursery and extended river, View of My Thai villa and the remaining View view of My Van low-rise villa. So no matter which direction the apartment is, the view of the apartments is beautiful and cool. and cool because surrounded by nature.

– External facilities are located in the greenest area of ​​Nam Vien area such as Crescent Lake, Crescent Mall, Vietnamese schools for children such as Le Van Tam School, Saigon South Kindergarten, South Saigon High School Saigon, Saigon South Middle School.

Canadian International Schools, Korean International Schools, Japanese Schools, Taiwan Schools, and many more nearby

– Hospitals and clinics are ready to take care of the health of residents in Phu My Hung community

– Convenient for shopping, living and entertainment

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View


The design of Green View is a combination of two styles:

Mediterranean architecture:

A clear image, spacious, peaceful, and easy to feel the peace of the sun and wind. Create simplicity, close to nature. Being seen outside the building is shown from the details of the pattern with rustic beauty, but spacious, luxurious and delicate.

Modern architecture:

All lines, details and cubes of the 3 blocks are aimed at simplicity to sophistication, without using too many cumbersome and complicated architectural details. The architectural blocks combine with each other, the composition brings strength, health and certainty to the entire structural block of the building, creating a unique way of expression and spatial thinking.

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

Architectural Designer – Sino Pacific Company

Green View Apartment is located right in front of Nguyen Luong Bang with the main door at 17th Street. We can easily see the building when we just get off Ca Cam Bridge on the left hand side, near the busiest and busiest Sakura Park Midtown apartment complex. Phu My Hung area

Green View Phu My Hung luxury apartment design unit is the world’s leading Sino Pacific Company (SPCC), has creative and unique design plans and solutions to increase the area for a meaningful space high community.

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

Basic information about the apartment:

– The apartment is designed from 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms with many modern furniture, European style.

– Rent: 17 million -> 23 million / month

– Most of the apartments have a large area and most have 2 very open views. Make the most of the wind and light for a comfortable use space

– Full telecommunications facilities such as electric cable, telephone, cable TV, internet bring a satisfactory life to the owners here

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

General description

These tranquil bedrooms are fully updated with high quality floating floors throughout, a brand new kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a completely refurbished bathroom.

The apartment is creatively designed with space to fully optimize storage and allows any tenant to create a home with decorative options with the main furniture and all appliances. accompanied.

Apartment for rent District 7 Green View

The apartment has:

-You will fall in love with Green View apartment which is a beautiful complex built in Phu My Hung. Enjoy stunning views, grounds, tree-lined views and pathways.

– The apartment is full of light due to its oversized panoramic windows, spacious and unique floor plan and surprisingly beautiful interior.

– Each bedroom is fully equipped with amenities.

– The living room space is too spacious to be transparent with the kitchen to help the apartment become more airy

– Cozy lighting system for family members to enjoy family meals together.

For rent
District 7

Green View Nice apartment for rent in Phu My Hung

$ 750/ month

Price: $ 750/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 118 sqm
For rent
District 7

Clean apartment for rent in Green View, Nguyen Luong Bang Street (GVW120)

$ 850/ month

Price: $ 850/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 118 sqm
For rent
District 7

Green View for rent extremely quiet

$ 800/ month

Price: $ 800/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 118 sqm