My Phu Villas for rent in district 7 Ho Chi Minh City. My Phu villa with modern design includes single, quadrangle and garden street connection. My Phu area, a collection of many houses for rent with good prices for customers to choose from.

My Phu Villas for rent in district 7


There are different types of houses such as Quadruple apartments with an area of  16×16, Single apartments with an area of  19x17m, My Phu 3 townhouses with an area of 7x20m with ground floor and 1 floor design.

My Phu 1-2-3 neighborhood is interspersed with a cool internal park, adjacent to the high-class Chateau villa area, the bustling Riverside Residence neighborhood, full of all utilities.


 The park

My Phu is designed in a resort lifestyle with the main direction being Southeast to take full advantage of the wind and natural light. Right in front of My Phu 3 villa area is S9 park with an area of ​​​​nearly 9,500m2, so owners can enjoy green nature and sunny sky. Here, children will be delighted to have fun and feel the vast natural world to learn, create and develop their souls.

My Phu Villas for rent in district 7


My Phu area is opposite the Canadian International School, so in terms of feng shui, in the midst of quiet, fresh relaxation, My Phu residents enjoy the lively vitality of the school. In addition to the Canadian International School, this area also has Taipei School, Japan, Korea, Le Van Tam School, Saigon South School, and small and large preschools in this area.

 Administration Center:

District 7 administrative center in the area such as District 7 People’s Committee, District 7 People’s Court, District 7 Police, District 7 People’s Procuracy

Shopping, Entertainment, Banking

From My Phu, it’s only a few minutes from the largest commercial center in Phu My Hung such as Crescent Mall, and supermarket chains Co.op Mart, Citi Mart, Vin Mart. GS 25 in My Phu area

The beautiful Saigon South golf course, the only sandy bottom pool in District 7 is a place to play for your kids and weekends or special occasions.

This area also concentrates hundreds of domestic and international bank branches to serve the needs of customers’ money transfer and receipt transactions.

Architectural Designs

My Phu’s design has a semi-classical style, both reminiscent of the luxurious beauty of French villa architecture and has a beautiful modern appearance, suitable for a sophisticated lifestyle in line with current trends.

My Phu Villas for rent in district 7


The architectural motifs of the villa from the small details on the door gate, bending steel on the balcony, polygonal doors, arches… are stylized and have sophisticated and sophisticated features.

Quality building materials

Construction materials used for My Phu are meticulously selected by Phu My Hung company and architects such as granite for the base; and different from the previous “fence styles”, My Phu 3 is also equipped with additional lights.

The roof tiles used for My Phu 3 include two colors of red and blue-gray produced by modern technology or with 6 neutral paint colors to create simplicity, modernity and elegance for the house’s exterior.

My Phu Villas for rent in district 7

Inside design:

Interior design villa My Phu has unique, sophisticated and creates its own style for the owner’s living space because “villa” is a type of house that is “designed and built” on a relatively isolated space. The architects exploit and capture the preferences and tastes of the investor to express all their ideas and desires for the villa.

The colors of nature, earth and sky are clearly displayed in each hidden corner of the villa, helping to make the “living space” more friendly and cool. The entrance to the back garden is also elaborated with green lawn or a colorful flower garden that is simple but full of life. The landscape inside and outside villa always brings a feeling of freshness and refreshment

My Phu location makes the area impressive Saigon South. My Phu is the ideal place for those who want to find a difference to show their class in life.

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