Rent apartment district 7 Happy Valley is an ideal living space for everyone. Residents will feel the comfort and happiness as its name implies, the happy valley, the land that brings joy to the whole family living here.

Project scale:

Happy Valley is not blocked by any buildings. Four sides have 4 views including View Villas My Kim crossing Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard with two rows of green trees. One side View the cool river, the other side view Saigon South golf. And one side view of  Wonderland Park

Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley overview


-Located at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Cao, Phu My Hung, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, City. Ho Chi Minh City

It only takes a few minutes to neighboring districts

Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley Inside

Basic information about the Happy Valley project:

– Happy Valley consists of 763 apartments and 23 shop houses, the highest floor is 28 floors.

– Security area with Camera and continuous patrolling guard adjacent to shopping malls, restaurants, banks, and neighboring office buildings

Apartment for rent in Happy Valley

Inside utilities:

Planted with shady trees, artistic lake, Gym is located in Block K of happy valley, Waterfall swimming pool is a work of art of happy Valley, children’s playground area with interesting toys. outdoor layout

External utilities:

Fruit shops, shops selling local produce, fruit shops, bakery shops, restaurants, cafes sitting on the sidewalk are cool and always crowded.

The large Wonderland park next to Happy Valley is a great place for residents to walk in the morning or evening

General description of happy Valley apartment:

Most apartments are designed with 3 bedrooms, some owners want to make the apartment larger, they edit according to the needs of 2 bedrooms, or 2 bedrooms 1 small working room.

Area Type: 100 m2, 116 m2 and 135 m2

Although there is no balcony, this is also an advantage that makes the apartment much larger. Otherwise the apartment is designed with tempered glass doors in the living room and bedrooms. The residents can see the full view. Another highlight is that the architects are very subtle when designing large high windows. if occupants want a little wind from inside the house, just pull the window to one side.

Happy Valley Apartment

The Furniture

Most apartments are designed with 3 spacious bedrooms, fully furnished, high ceilings, large windows.

  • Fully furnished, with sleek modern furniture.
  • Modern kitchen with dishwasher.
  • Polished floor
  • Air conditioners
  • Large double glazed windows allow natural light to flow in.
  • Safe parking.
  • On-site security and management.
Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley
Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley

• Living room:

equipped with a sofa set with cool green colors so that the owner can watch the golfers relax, immerse themselves in the green space of the lawn and the stillness of the water. Certainly not many Apartments help you to experience such wonderful life.

• Kitchen:

an open kitchen system connecting to the living room, equipped with a functional kitchen cabinet system to keep kitchen utensils tidy. With a careful investment from microwave oven, induction cooker and exhaust system … fully equipped to help you have a perfect kitchen corner

Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley


designed with 1 master room and 2 moderate bedrooms, providing enough essential furniture such as dressing table and desk set, bedside cabinet and wardrobe with dim light and no less cozy.

Laundry room:

Usually the owner will provide washer and dryer. Depending on the apartment, the layout will be different

Apartment for rent district 7 Happy Valley

Highlights of Happy Valley area:

– Located in the cultural – entertainment area such as preschools and primary schools such as Vo Thi Sau School, Kinder Star School, My Phuoc Kindergarten, and neighboring large and small schools in the happy valley area, technical schools skills for children such as teaching drawing, teaching martial arts, teaching piano

– Crescent Lake, famous Starlight Bridge, large green park

– Surrounding the Happy Valley area is a green park, river and a golf course

– When coming to Happy Valley, we will see a series of low-rise blocks and very high-rise blocks to increase aesthetics and the wind, light and vision directions can spread evenly across the apartments.

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For rent
District 7

Beautiful Happy Valley apartment for rent HPVL2001

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 116 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent Happy Valley apartment in district 7

$ 1,100/ month

Price: $ 1,100/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 135 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent luxury happy Valley apartment

$ 1,200/ month

Price: $ 1,200/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 116 sqm
For rent
District 7

Happy Valley 116sqm for rent Phu My Hung

$ 950/ month

Price: $ 950/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 116 sqm