Rent apartment District 7 Riverside Residence is located in a very special position. At the intersection between Nguyen Luong Bang and 19th streets, viewed from above. The area looks like a perfect isosceles triangle with the other side completely bordering the beautiful large river. Bringing residents cool breezes spread to all apartment. Urban landscape blends with nature, rivers and ecological environment spread in sight. Riverside Residence raises the standard of quality of life.s

Nguyen Luong Bang Street is a street with office buildings, early commercial centers, administrative centers with impressive modern and synchronous architecture to meet all requirements for fastidious customers.

Apartment For Rent District 7 Riverside Residence


Located at Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Phu My Hung Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCM.

The position of Riverside Residence in Phu My Hung is the only place that converges extremely unique features for today’s modern life. One of the most prominent areas today. Located on a land area larger than 4.5 hectares and built only 5 Block. In particular, the most special thing is that the Riverside residence area spends more than 2.6 hectares for utilities

Riverside Residence -The Park

Synchronized Uilities

Large area of land fund for internal facilities for residents to have a comfortable life

Riverside Park:

It must be said that this is the most prominent internal park in Phu My Hung. If compared with other areas, this can be considered as unique in this urban area.

The park is green, the lawn is green and there is always a plant care department to work every day. Help keep the landscape always green for residents

The riverside walking path is an extremely unique area. Residents can enjoy the fresh air that the river brings to help fitness lovers have an interest in improving their health away from the inherent stuffiness of a busy city.

Apartment For Rent District 7 Riverside Residence

The largest playground in the region:

Next is the artificial courtyard of the riverside between Block C and Block D which is large. This place always attracts and gathers most of the residents every day. You can take a stroll with your family or be a place for children to run and jump with dynamic games such as rollerblading, or other movement games with a capacity of hundreds of people. This place is influenced by the cool breeze from the legendary Ca Cam River. Regardless of the season, whether it’s sunny or rainy, this place inherits the natural winds all the time

Children’s play area in Riverside Residence

Gym Club

The next special thing is the fitness area with two gyms with modern machines and full equipment. Gym with modern equipment overlooking the green space. And is open 24/7 without limit for residents who can come to practice at any time. All residents are provided with a gym access pass. This is to control people outside the area entering the episode but not residents here

The Pool:

The swimming pool is like a masterpiece of bamboo with a soft winding wall following the green garden around the lake area, a very artistic beauty, Swimming pool for adults and children. With a spacious area, the swimming pool is arranged with chairs with umbrellas and tables for drinking water or food. Pure white porcelain flowers planted in this area give residents a feeling of being close to nature

Riverside Residence- Swimming Pool

Tennis course:

This place is designed by the designers of two tennis courts to meet the enthusiasts of this sport. The spacious ground and international standards give residents an ideal experience when playing in this area. Residents only need to register with the support department about playing time to avoid overlapping with other residents

Convenience stores in the area

Many convenience stores like circle k, Mini Stop, GS 25. Mini supermarket like SaiGon Good food, Korean supermarket Sky Mart. Restaurants, Beer Clubs, Cafes such as HighLand, Banks on the first and second floors of Riverside Residence area of ​​Block B, C, D and E

There are also skill classes such as painting, piano, martial arts classes, and foreign language classes for foreigners and Vietnamese. Representative offices of many foreign companies in the 2nd floor area of blocks

Nearby amenities:

* Large economic center of Phu My Hung

*Near by Nam Vien Park

* A series of domestic and international banks

* Hospital: When customers need to come for a health check, it only takes 10 minutes to go to the largest international hospitals with high-class and modern medical equipment, besides the Heart Institute and a team of doctors very good doctor.

* SECC International Exhibition Convention Center

* Shopping Centers

* Schools from Kindergarten to High School for Vietnamese and for Foreigner

Apartment For Rent District 7 Riverside Residence

General information for rent apartment District 7 Riverside Residence

Two bedrooms:

The area is 82m2. 2bedrooms, 2 toilet. The Rent 750 USD -800 USD per month

Three Bedrooms:

There are areas: 100 m2, 147 m2, 180 m2.  3 bedrooms, 2 -3 bathroom. The rent 850 USD -1400 USD-2000 USD per month

Four bedrooms :

There are areas: 180 m2 – 220 m2 4 bedrooms, 3-5 bathrooms. The rent from 2100 USD – 2900 USD per month

Penthouse :

There are areas: 220 m2- 500 USD, 4-5 bedrooms, 4-6 bathrooms. The rent 2900 – 3200 per month

Apartment For Rent District 7 Riverside Residence

Block A and Block B have two views: one side has a beautiful view of the Cam River, the other side has a view of the million dollar villa, Chateau and My Phu Villa.

*Block C, D, E has three views: View of the Canadian international school, View of Nguyen Luong street and river view on the other side

Apartment For Rent District 7 Riverside Residence

In short, wherever the view is, the advantage of these apartments is inherited from the wind direction of the river next to the Riverside Residence building. The wind blows from the hallway to the door

The apartment is fully furnished from living room to bedroom, from kitchen to laundry room

There are also basic furnished apartments with only air conditioning, curtains, wardrobes and a system of kitchen cabinets suitable for families already furnished.

Please tell us what your needs are and we will find the most suitable apartments

For rent
District 7

Rent Riverside Residence Phu My Hung

$ 1,400/ month

Price: $ 1,400/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 180 sqm
For rent
District 7

Cheap apartment in Riverside Residence for rent

$ 700/ month

Price: $ 700/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 86 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent unfurnished Riverside Residence District 7

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 120 sqm
For rent
District 7

Beautiful Riverside residence apartment district 7

$ 1,500/ month

Price: $ 1,500/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 134 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent Riverside Residence apartment District 7

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 82 sqm