Houses for rent in district 7

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District 7 is one of the fastest growing districts in Ho Chi Minh City with a convenient location and many amenities. If you are looking for a house for rent in District 7, let’s find out the information below to get an overview of the rental price.

How much does house for rent in District 7?

Rental fee in District 7 have a variety of prices, suitable for many different needs and budgets. However, the general trend is that the rent here is quite high, due to the rapid development of the area and the convenience of transportation and utilities.

Houses for rent in district 7

The price of a house for rent in District 7 depends on many factors

Condominiums are a popular choice for tenants in District 7. The rent for an apartment usually ranges from about 8 million to 25 million VND per month, depending on the size and location of the apartment. Apartments in high-class apartment buildings, with facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, children’s playgrounds, etc., often have higher rents than ordinary apartments.

In addition to apartments, townhouses are also a popular choice in District 7, especially in new urban areas such as Phu My Hung or Nam Long. House prices for rent in District 7 range from about VND 15 million to VND 50 million per month, depending on the size, interior and location of the house.

In addition, there are also serviced apartments, villas and townhouses with higher rents, serving the needs of more high-end and luxury rentals. Corresponding to the high rent, the accompanying benefits also increase. If you rent high-class and luxurious houses, you will enjoy a modern, ideal and classy living space.

Some types of houses for rent in District 7 are popular today

In District 7, there are many types of houses suitable for rent for tenants to choose from such as

Houses for rent in district 7

Types of apartments suitable for tenants in District 7

Apartment for rent

This is a popular choice for those who are looking for a comfortable living space and full of amenities. High-end apartment projects such as Sunrise City, The Crescent Mall,… are all located in District 7 and have a full range of areas and design styles for tenants to choose from.

Houses for rent in district 7

A comfortable living space and full of amenities

Currently, many people prefer to rent or sell apartments in the Phu My Hung area, District 7, such as the high-class apartment complex Midtown SaKura Park, Riverpark Premier, Ascentia, Antionia, … and many other areas. All of them are in the keyword House for rent in District 7. You will have many choices.

Townhouses and villas

Townhouses and villas are high-class rental housing in District 7. These are suitable options for large families or those who want to live in a private and airy space. District 7 has many isolated urban areas such as Phu My Hung, Him Lam urban area, … with many types of areas and utilities for rent. Most of the rental purposes in these areas are used to open offices, catering businesses, or convenience stores, with a few tenants renting because the prices are relatively higher than apartments.

Advantages and disadvantages of apartments and townhouses

Follow us to see the advantages and disadvantages of choosing your humid nest

Advantages and disadvantages of the apartment


– The reason why many people prefer to live in apartments over ground-floor houses is the synchronized infrastructure system. Currently, all real estate projects are usually built on a large scale, apartments are also synchronized with other infrastructure such as supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, amusement parks, hospitals. , schools, etc. This brings convenience and more convenience in life to every family, helping to create a multi-functional and extremely convenient living environment.

– Whether you live in a large or small apartment complex, the security situation is always tight and guaranteed. The apartments always have a security team that regularly checks 24/24 to protect the safety of all residents.

– In addition, the living space in the apartments is very quiet and private, you will not be disturbed by goods brokers, door-to-door services.

– Last and most importantly, the cost of buying an apartment in the central area with full furniture and amenities is much cheaper than a house on the ground.


– All facilities must be used in common such as play area, swimming pool, gym, managed from the Management Board, inconvenient to get up and down when needing to pick up goods and furniture. Living in an apartment building is different from living in a house, because as a citizen of an apartment in the building, you must respect the rules and regulations of the community, such as regulations on guests, pets, opening and closing doors. .

– The area is not too large, so all the activities of the owner are encapsulated in one floor

Advantages and disadvantages of townhouses and villas


– In terms of long-term value, housing prices increase every year and increase much more than apartments. And homeowners can transform and build the house in their own way.

– Absolute privacy and no containment like an apartment

– Especially the absolute ownership


– The price is very high and usually to buy an affordable house, you have to be far from the city center

Note when renting a house in District 7

Finding a house for rent in District 7 is not difficult nowadays, but not everyone can quickly choose the right house for them. If you are looking for a house for rent in district 7, please note some important information below.

Houses for rent in district 7

Important note when renting a house in District 7

First, you should learn about the rent in District 7. District 7 has many diverse areas, from high-class urban areas to traditional neighborhoods. The rent in District 7 also fluctuates widely, depending on the location, area, amenities and newness of the house.

In addition to the rental price, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the house. District 7 is known to be home to many new urban areas and large industrial zones. If you are someone who works in industrial areas, look for a house that is conveniently located for daily commute.

Houses for rent in district 7

Look for a house with a convenient location to move around every day

Another important factor to keep in mind when renting a house in District 7 is the lease agreement. Please read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing.

Finally, pay attention to the responsibilities of the parties in the tenancy process. This includes maintaining the property, paying rent on time and complying with home use regulations.

Prestigious, affordable house for rent in District 7

If you want to rent a house in District 7 that suits your needs, purposes and financial capabilities, it is best to choose a reputable and professional rental unit. On the market today, there are many different addresses for rent in District 7. In particular, Best House Service Company is proud of the leading prestigious destination that is trusted and highly appreciated by a large number of customers.

Finding out how much a house for rent in District 7 is is an important job in the process of finding a house to rent. Start looking for the right house today to have a comfortable and convenient life in District 7. For the best support, contact Best House via Hotline 0909 197 412 or 0911 74 5505.


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