How much does Phu My Hung villa cost?

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Phu My Hung Villa is designed in a modern and luxurious style. The villas are built with high-class materials, designed according to international standards, bringing a classy and comfortable living space. So how much does Phu My Hung villa cost? Discover the following with Best House.

How much does Phu My Hung villa cost?

According to the latest information, how much does Phu My Hung villa cost? This is one of the modern and luxurious urban areas located in District 7. With the strong development of the area, real estate prices in Phu My Hung also increase over time.

The villas in this urban area have an area from 250m2 to 1000m2, suitable for many needs and choices of customers. To have a villa in Phu My Hung, you will have to invest a large amount of money. The selling price of Phu My Hung villas is quite expensive, notably taking into account factors such as area, location, design and surrounding facilities.

How much does Phu My Hung villa cost?

Answer questions: How much does Phu My Hung Villa cost?

With an area from 200m2 to more than 500m2, the average price of each villa in Phu My Hung ranges from 20 billion to 80 billion VND. Of course, the price also depends on the location of the villa in this urban area. Mid-range villas usually cost about 30 billion to 50 billion VND. Meanwhile, villas located in prime locations or with larger areas cost up to hundreds of billions of dong.

Although the selling price of Phu My Hung villa may be considered expensive, it reflects the quality and value of this place. Phu My Hung urban area is planned very modernly with a system of high-class facilities including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, golf courses… In addition, this area is protected 24/7, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for residents.

Factors affecting the selling price of Phu My Hung villas

The price of Phu My Hung Villa depends on many different factors. Specifically:

How much does Phu My Hung villa cost?

The price of a villa in Phu My Hung depends on many factors

  • Location: The area is located in District 7, close to the city center and has easy access to amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and parks. Therefore, villas with convenient locations and close to amenities often have higher selling prices.
  • Area: Phu My Hung Villas have many different types of areas, from small to large. Villas with a large area often have a higher selling price because of the spacious and comfortable living space.
  • Architecture and interior: The villas are built in a modern and high-class architectural style, with luxurious materials and designs. In addition, interior finishing is also an important factor. Villas with high-class furniture and full amenities often have higher selling prices.
  • Utilities and services: This area has many parks, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and entertainment areas, creating a comfortable and classy living environment.

Benefits of buying a villa in Phu My Hung

One of the biggest benefits of buying a villa in Phu My Hung is its high liquidity. With the strong development of this urban area, the real estate value here continuously increases over time. This makes it easy to sell or rent out the villa and can be highly profitable for the owner.

The villas in Phu My Hung have a large area and modern design, providing a comfortable and convenient living space. In addition, this urban area is carefully cared for and maintained, ensuring that all utilities and infrastructure in the area are always in good working order.

The luxurious neoclassical French villa design is perfectly combined with modern lines. All highlight the unique and royal beauty of luxury villas. Besides, owning a villa here you can also enjoy attractive facilities such as schools, parks, shopping centers or supermarkets, … in the area. Owning a living space here you will feel the comfort, convenience, no worries about security.

Being immersed in nature, diverse ecosystems, fresh air and romance. The attractive facilities here make everyone dream of owning their own home here. This is the luxury villa area that everyone dreams of living there.

How much does Phu My Hung villa cost?

 When you own a villa in Phu My Hung, you will enjoy many class benefits

Not only is a developed urban area, Phu My Hung is also worth living with a green environment and diverse utilities, poetic space close to nature. This urban area is designed with many parks, swimming pools, amusement parks and other facilities. Coming to this urban area, everyone will be satisfied with the high-class, fresh and friendly living space. Residents in urban areas can enjoy green space and relax after stressful working hours.

In addition, Phu My Hung also has a world-class education system, including kindergartens, primary schools, high schools and universities. This makes this urban area an ideal place to raise and educate children.

So how much villa Phu My Hung cost depends on many factors. And moreover, the price of Phu My Hung villa is somewhat high compared to other urban areas, but inherits top utilities and benefits. The decision to buy a villa here needs to be carefully calculated to ensure the benefits and value of the house in the future.

It is no coincidence that Phu My Hung is called the “Rich Quarter”. The elite, foreigners to high-ranking officials all choose this as a place to live. The expensive villas here are also equipped with high-class facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, sports centers, … Phu My Hung promises to bring residents an ideal living space.

Not only that, living here residents easily move to the city center or suburbs. The villas designed in harmony with nature promise to bring you moments of enjoying the most comfortable life.

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