Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment

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Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment is a symbol of prosperity and modern comfort, located in Phu My Hung urban area in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. With a prime location on the banks of a large river, this project offers an ideal living space, blending beautiful nature and high-end amenities.

Introducing the Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment project

The Riverside Residence apartment project in Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the notable architectural and real estate development wonders in Vietnam. Built by Phu My Hung Group – one of the most prestigious and successful names in the field of urban area development and apartment projects, Riverside Residence is not simply a housing project but also a symbol of classy lifestyle and urban convenience.

With a location adjacent to the Saigon River, reaching the financial and economic center of District 7 just a few steps across Ca Cam Bridge, RIverside Residence residents not only inherit all the amenities outside District 7, but also own panoramic view of the bustling urban area of Phu My Hung.

Riverside Residence In terms of feng shui, it is located right next to the river with a beautiful “view”, both good for health and prosperous for business.

Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment

Location and Amenities

Riverside Residence is located in Phu My Hung area, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, south of the city center. This location has many notable advantages:

Prime location in Phu My Hung urban area

Phu My Hung area is famous for its classy and modern lifestyle. Riverside Residence residents can enjoy all high-end amenities and services such as shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, international schools, hospitals, and entertainment areas, creating a living environment. perfect.

Natural landscapes

Located on the banks of the Ca Cam River flowing into the Saigon River, the Riverside Residence project offers residents a living space close to nature, with beautiful and cool landscapes. The surrounding river and park views create the ideal living environment to relax and enjoy life.

Easy traffic

Located in Phu My Hung urban area, Riverside Residence has extremely convenient transportation advantages, located on the large, airy and beautiful Nguyen Luong Bang street, helping residents easily move and connect with the city center. and surrounding areas. This helps save travel time and reduce traffic congestion.

Design and Build Quality

Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment is designed and built with a focus on quality and resident comfort. This project typically has the following design and construction quality features:

Design and interior style

Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment often has a modern design style with features such as the use of materials, colors and delicate lines, creating an aesthetic and comfortable living space.

Build quality and details

Attention to detail was a key element in the project’s design and construction. From finishes such as wooden doors, plaster ceilings, lighting to small details such as shower and window fittings, all are designed and installed with care and sophistication.

Apartment type and area

Riverside Residence often offers a variety of apartment types, from apartments with 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 3-4 bedroom penthouses with spacious living rooms. This allows residents to choose an apartment that suits their family size and needs.

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Investment potential and added value

The investment potential and added value of the Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment project in Phu My Hung urban area is very attractive. Here are the details on the specific elements:

Market situation

Phu My Hung is one of the fastest growing and well-managed urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City. The real estate market in this area is usually stable and attracts the interest of both domestic and foreign buyers. High quality projects like Riverside Residence often have many attractive factors for investors and home buyers. This is one of the most livable projects in Phu My Hung

Potential price increase

Due to the prime location, continuous infrastructure development, and good management of Phu My Hung urban area, the potential for price increase of real estate here is huge. High quality projects are often highly appreciated and have the ability to increase in price quickly over time. Riverside Residence project area is the only project with the largest vacant land area. Large park next to the river, tennis and basketball courts, play area for all residents here.

Investment Opportunities

Buying an apartment at Riverside Residence can be considered an attractive investment opportunity. With price appreciation potential and prime location, you can expect to make a profit from buying real estate here. Indeed, facing the situation of apartments having no green space, Riverside is the place many people choose.

Long-term benefits

In addition to potential profits, Riverside Residence provides a classy living environment and high-end amenities. This means you and your family can enjoy a comfortable and convenient life in a safe and clean environment.

Expected added value

The added value of apartments at Riverside Residence can depend on many factors, but with the prime location and continuous development of Phu My Hung urban area, you can expect an increase in value. of real estate over time.

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Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment is not only an apartment project, but also an opportunity to experience classy living and smart investment in Ho Chi Minh City. With all the benefits and potential that this project brings, we recommend readers to consider the appeal of Riverside Residence Phu My Hung apartment and enjoy all the incentives it can offer.

Frequently asked questions

Can my husband who is a foreigner be on the same name on the red book?

Article 33 of the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family regulates common property of husband and wife

“first. Common property of husband and wife includes property created by husband and wife, income from labor, production and business activities, yields, profits arising from separate property and other legal income during the period. marriage, except for the cases specified in Clause 1, Article 40 of this Law; Property that husband and wife jointly inherit or gift together and other property that husband and wife agree on are common property.

Land use rights that husband and wife acquire after marriage are common property of the couple, except in cases where the husband or wife inherits it separately, is given it separately or is acquired through a transaction using separate property.

  1. The common property of husband and wife is under common ownership and is used to ensure the family’s needs and fulfill the common obligations of husband and wife.
  2. In cases where there is no basis to prove that the property over which husband and wife are in dispute is the separate property of each party, that property is considered common property.

Article 34 of the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family stipulates the registration of ownership and use rights of common property.

“first. In cases where property is jointly owned by husband and wife and the law requires registration of ownership and use rights, the certificate of ownership and use rights must record the names of both husband and wife, except In case the spouses have another agreement.

  1. In case the certificate of ownership or certificate of property use rights only lists the name of one spouse, transactions related to this property shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 26 of this Law; If there is a dispute over that property, it will be resolved according to the provisions of Clause 3, Article 33 of this Law.”

Thus, assets formed during the marriage period due to income from labor, production and business activities, yields, profits arising from separate property and other legal income during the marriage period are determined. is determined to be the common property of husband and wife. If the property must be registered for ownership, the names of both husband and wife must be recorded; if one person’s name is recorded, there must be a written agreement.

According to the provisions of Article 5 of the 2013 Land Law:

“Land users are allocated land, leased land, recognized land use rights, and receive land use rights transfer according to the provisions of this Law, including:

  1. Domestic organizations include state agencies, people’s armed units, political organizations, socio-political organizations, economic organizations, socio-political-professional organizations, and social organizations associations, socio-professional organizations, public service organizations and other organizations according to the provisions of civil law (hereinafter collectively referred to as organizations);
  2. Domestic households and individuals (hereinafter referred to as households and individuals);
  3. Residential community includes the Vietnamese community living in the same village, village, hamlet, village, hamlet, hamlet, hamlet, residential group and similar residential area with the same customs, practices or similar common lineage;
  4. Religious facilities include pagodas, churches, chapels, shrines, mosques, Buddhist temples, monasteries, separate religious training schools, headquarters of religious organizations and other religious facilities ;
  5. Foreign organizations with diplomatic functions include diplomatic representative agencies, consulates, and other foreign representative agencies with diplomatic functions recognized by the Vietnamese Government; representative agency of an organization of the United Nations, intergovernmental agency or organization, representative agency of an intergovernmental organization;
  6. Vietnamese people residing abroad according to the provisions of law on nationality;
  7. Foreign-invested enterprises include 100% foreign-invested enterprises, joint-venture enterprises, and Vietnamese enterprises in which foreign investors buy shares, merge, and acquire according to the provisions of law. investment law.”

According to regulations, foreign individuals are not eligible to buy residential land, so the husband with Chinese nationality cannot have his name on the certificate of land use rights purchased during the marriage. Therefore, if both husband and wife have agreed to let the wife’s name be on the land use rights certificate, then draw up a written agreement confirming the amount of money to buy the land comes from common assets and the husband commits. agreed to let the wife’s name be on the ownership certificate. The agreement document does not have a required form, so you can create it yourself or contact the notary practice organization directly so they can guide you on the procedures for making the agreement document.

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