Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay?

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Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay? – Phu My Hung, a modern urban area located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, has become an ideal destination for many foreigners looking for accommodation in Vietnam. With the perfect combination of nature, amenities, and a peaceful living environment, Phu My Hung has conquered the hearts of many international residents. Below, we will explore in detail why foreigners should choose Phu My Hung to settle and live.

Phu My Hung is currently the only modern and comprehensively planned urban area meeting international standards in Vietnam. There is a synchronously planned infrastructure, complete functions, providing a green living environment and many other amenities.

Phu My Hung urban area is developed with 8 functional areas including: 3 service and utility areas designed in the center and 5 residential areas. This urban area also won an honorary award from the American Institute of Architecture in the field of urban design.

Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay?

The attractiveness of Phu My Hung for foreigners

Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay? – With green living space, a large park and lake system, Phu My Hung creates a fresh and quiet atmosphere in the heart of the dynamic city. This is a place where foreigners can enjoy evenings strolling around bustling streets or leisurely strolling along the banks of the Saigon River.

When you buy a house and live here, you will enjoy and experience 5-star amenities, fully serving your needs for food, entertainment, shopping, health, education, and working environment. and bustling business…

Classy amenities such as Crescent Mall and international restaurants provide comfort and rich choices in shopping and dining. Not only that, Phu My Hung is also home to a series of prestigious international schools, providing an ideal educational environment for foreign children.

Security and Safety

Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay? – Phu My Hung brings unlimited peace of mind and peace of mind to residents thanks to its strong and professional 24/7 security system. With an outstanding security environment, this place has built strong trust in the hearts of residents, especially foreigners.

The 24/7 security system at Phu My Hung is not only a reality, but also a commitment of special attention to the safety of all residents. The security forces are professionally trained and equipped with modern technology and equipment, ensuring that this urban area is always in optimal security.

Living in this urban area, people can feel completely secure with a tight security system arranged in many layers. In addition to security in each neighborhood, security in the entire urban area is also emphasized. The perimeter security area is in charge of 230 professional security guards and the costs are paid by Phu My Hung. In addition, there is also a team of underground forces wearing plain clothes who regularly inspect the entire area.

Modern Utilities

Phu My Hung shines with the modern amenities it brings to residents, regardless of whether they are locals or foreigners. This is reflected in the diversity and high standard of services and amenities that this urban area has available.

International schools and hospitals are indispensable elements in every family’s life. Phu My Hung has responded to this by providing top international schools such as SSIS International School and FV Hospital, where residents can enjoy quality medical services and good education for their children. .

Golf courses and entertainment are amenities that create special highlights at Phu My Hung. Residents have the opportunity to relax and entertain at the famous Phu My Hung Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course with beautiful design and beautiful natural landscape. In addition, entertainment activities such as watching movies at modern cinemas or participating in cultural and artistic events at Hoa Binh Park make life in Phu My Hung full and stylish.

Following: Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay?

Diverse Community and Convenient Communication

Phu My Hung is an ideal destination for foreigners not only because of the diverse presence of international communities, but also because of its multicultural environment and widespread support for English.

One of the strengths of Phu My Hung is the diversity of the foreign community. Here, you can meet and connect with people from all over the world, from Asia, Europe, to the Americas and Africa. This creates a multicultural environment where people can learn and experience many aspects of different cultures and languages.

Not only is there a diverse community, Phu My Hung also supports the widespread use of English. In addition to international schools offering English-language instruction, you can also meet many fluent English speakers in stores, restaurants, and in everyday life. This helps foreigners feel easy to communicate and adapt to life here.

Phu My Hung urban area is the top choice of foreigners living and working in Vietnam. Besides, this urban area is also the choice of Vietnamese intellectuals and businessmen… Therefore, it forms a civilized and multicultural community.

Fresh environment

Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay? – Phu My Hung’s green environment is one of the most outstanding and attractive features of this urban area. With smart utilization of green spaces and parks, Phu My Hung creates a living environment that people love and appreciate.

Green trees and open spaces are present everywhere in Phu My Hung. The roads are arranged in harmony with trees, creating a beautiful natural picture in the heart of a dynamic urban area. Large parks, such as Hoa Binh Park or Red Cape Park, welcome residents with green spaces where they can relax, exercise, and enjoy outdoor life.

Phu My Hung’s green environment not only brings aesthetic benefits, but also plays an important role in calming the atmosphere and reducing pollution. Green space helps balance temperature, cool the environment and create a healthy living environment for residents. This landscape system also creates a highlig

Good rental potential

Why should foreigners choose Phu My Hung to stay? – When investing financially to own a home here, there is also high product liquidity. Because of good rental ability. There are currently about 30,000 residents living in Phu My Hung, of which more than 50% are foreigners from more than 20 different countries. Therefore, choosing to live here is the top choice of foreigners. Because the urban area can meet complete amenities, bringing a fresh and civilized living environment.


Phu My Hung is an attractive choice for foreigners when choosing where to settle in Vietnam. With safety, modern amenities, green environment, and business opportunities, this urban area meets many needs of international residents, creating a diverse and developed living environment.

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